SAFLog from Pit-to-Port, Certainty Delivered.

SAFLog, is an integrated multimodal logistics solutions provider with a pedigree in rail and terminal operations, spanning more than two decades.

Over the last twenty years, we have transported a range of materials and general freight through our intermodal offering, for our client’s across the SADC region. We serve customers in the following sectors, agriculture, aviation, automotive, petrochemical, construction and mining.

Our success is attributed to our highly specialised team with expertise in operations, infrastructure, asset utilisation, maintenance and customer-centric service – to live up to our motto, CERTAINTY DELIVERED.

We intrinsically understand the complex environment of moving freight, and the transport logistics value chain. We know the impact that this has on our client’s bottom line and we actively contribute to a win-win sustainable solutions. Operating across local and national borders in a highly dynamic environment requires pragmatism, agility, and dependability. This is important to SAFLog, as we commit daily to consistently delivering certainty, through responsiveness that comes from intimately understanding our client’s expectations, always going the extra mile.

What we do.

Rail Operations & Shunting

As a private railway operator, we provide a complete rail solution to our customers, from pit-to-port, either in closed private operations for example on a mine, or terminal, through to hook-and-haul options. We take responsibility for the safe and efficient movement of rolling stock on client sites, providing shunting and marshalling services in line with operational schedules. In addition, we marshal empty or loaded rail wagons to form block trains or train sets for dispatch or collection at designated points.

We tailor-make solutions for every shunting operation to optimise safety and efficiency, whilst meeting the needs of our customers.

Materials Handling, Terminal Management and Warehousing

We see to the full value chain when it comes to material handling and intermodal logistic solutions that we provide. These include loading and offloading of material, stockpiling, warehousing, offtake management, distribution and precise record keeping.

Our Terminal Management service includes Inland Terminals, Back of Port, as well as Port Terminals. Not only do we own our own terminals, but we also operate and manage terminals on behalf of customers. We have a proven track record and an extensive material handling fleet to execute our Terminal Management services seamlessly.

Rolling Stock Maintenance and Overhauls

Fleet reliability can only be achieved by following a strict maintenance and overhaul regime. Making this a critical service we offer to locomotive fleet owners and operators. Our maintenance, overhaul and fleet modernisation offerings ensure maximum return on investment of your rolling stock and shunting assets.

Rolling Stock Leasing

For customers looking to lease reliable rolling stock such as mainline and shunting locomotives – we offer a wide range. Our rolling stock is available on either short or long-term lease contracts. In addition, we provide Train Drivers, Driver Assistants and in-field Locomotive Technical Support.

Track Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance

From new track construction through to maintenance, our rail track construction engineering and maintenance teams have the requisite experience to keep you on track at all times.


Our consultancy services range from supporting our customers in extracting operational efficiency and productivity improvements on-site. We also assist with the application and compliance processes of the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR), to obtain the required permits for operations.
Shunting Contract

Expanded to include:

  • Railway Safety Regulator
    (RSR) Management
  • Railway Crossing Upgrades
  • Plant Upgrades
  • Packaging & Dispatching


Key Highlight:
Client relationship
is based on delivering consistently
for more than two decades.

Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure

Key Highlight:
Growth opportunities a rising out of training and related empowerment initiatives for employees.

Shunting Operation Services

Key Highlight:
Site management ensured optimal allocation and productivity of resources, safe working environment and compliance with all reporting regulations.

Materials Handling and Leasing of Equipment

Key Highlight:
Successfully delivering
since 2018.

Construction of Railway Lines

Key Highlight:
68 employees worked on
the rail construction and a further 25 on
the earthworks to successfully deliver
6km of solid track.